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Welcome to Tan’s Fruit and Vegetable Carving Lessons

Fruit carving is believed to have originated in central Thailand several hundred years ago. One account describes the art beginning with a royal servant who wanted to create a more visually pleasing decorative raft during the Loi Kratong festival.

Booking is still available. The prices of the classes are being determined as soon as possible. You may always contact us for more info. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Corporate Events
Have you ever experienced a gourmet carving station? If not, you’re in luck
Seasonal Events
Fruit carvings for seasonal events are a creative way of impressing your guests.
Christmas is always more fun with a watermelon that says Merry Christmas
Surprise your loved one with heart shapes and more
July 4th
Why not celebrate Independence day with patriotic carving for you home or party
Bring your kids and have pumpkin carving gatherings
Who doesn’t want a fruit or vegetable with their name carved into it for their birthday
Weddings are always more spectacular with carved artwork
Anniversary calls for something special to show your wife that you didn’t forget the date
Congratulate them carved fruit and vegetables

Tell me your seasonal event, we can always carve the appropriate treat

Any other events – there is no limit!

Special order – unique request?

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Since its beginning, fruit carving has been immensely popular during various periods of Thai history including present day. Our courses teach people the essential foundation of this historically significant art, covering a number of different designs. All of these services available locally at a reasonably low cost for anyone. Learn decorative carving techniques, create dazzling center pieces & elegant garnishes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Special occasions and much more. Afterwards bring home your work of art.

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 Private Courses

Private Courses

- Accelerated 5 days course. - 3 hrs / week. 4 weeks. - Personalized course to suit your agenda.

 Group Classes

Group Classes

- Accelerated 5 days course. - 3 hrs / week. 4 weeks. - Personalized course to suit your agenda.

Expats & Moms

Expats & Moms

- 3 hrs / week. 1 to 6 week courses, you choose. - Personalized course to suit your agenda.

The Most Authentic Vegetable and Fruit Carving Lessons

Hands On Easy and Memorable Way to Impress your Guests

Whether it is for a private party, a corporate event, a wedding reception or gala, Tan will personally design and create the uniquely exquisite fruit carving art pieces that suits your style, your event’s theme, or your dream!

Clients we have worked with

Some of Our Clients

Superior Graphic and Web Development
Superior Graphic and Web Development
Superior Graphic and Web Development
Katy ISD

Meredith Cook

Meredith Cook

Secretary / Apple

Highly Recommend Tan For Future Parties. It's Impossible To Have A Dinner Party Without Her. I won't go anywhere else!

Jack Kneale

Jack Kneale

Web/Graphic Designer / Entrepreneur

My mother has dedicated many years helping others learn fun activities such a Thai Cooking Lessons and now Fruit & Vegetable Carving. The members thoroughly enjoy it, and I would recommend it to anybody .

Rebekah Smith

Rebekah Smith

Manager / Chilis

No matter what carving style you have been practicing, Tan will enrich your skills and enlighten your perspective on the carving art.